Leah Petitte

Leah Petitte

Yoga, Meditation and Voice Coach

About Leah Petitte

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Leah’s core message is one of personal empowerment. As a Yoga coach and Meditation teacher, Leah guides students through the storm of challenges, on and off the mat, to succeed at their chosen goals. She inspires and
empowers people. Leah’s skill as a respected Inspirational speaker and Voice coach motivates people in all walks of life to speak, sing and communicate with greater conviction and connection.

Routinely hosting Global events, Retreats and Online courses, Leah shares her methods of personal evolution and the unlimited potentialto create a deeply fulfilling life in family, career, relationships and finances.

In each class, you meet yourself.

Come to the mat to liberate your body. Gently free-flowing and energizing,
Yoga with Leah connects you with your power and intention. Enjoy safe, sacred meditation space to shed stress and overwhelm in mind, body and emotions.

One full hour of joyful connection.

As you get centered and move, you naturally connect with inner wisdom that calms the nervous system and releases tension. Both movement and stillness are vital to vibrant health. Leah's mission in Yoga and Meditation is to help you see and honor that truth.


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