Meditation & Yoga Classes

Meditation, Sound Healing & Yoga Classes

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Meditation Class & Event Schedule 

Maura Jane, senior at Laguna Blanca school, will be hosting two meditation classes this week for her senior project.

Tina Lyn's Thursday Meditation Class is FREE

Classes are $20.00/class.

Workshops are priced per workshop.

Classes followed by an * mean that the studio will be closed for this event.


  • May 22 Sun

    Yoga With Meditation w/Leah Petitte

  • Apr 04 Mon

    Yoga with Meditation w/Lilly

  • Jan 03 Mon

    Meditation w/Tina Lyn - FREE CLASS

  • Jul 27 Tue

    Yoga w/Lilly Rozhko

May 2022

  • May 25 Wed

    Meditation w/Maura Jane

  • May 28 Sat

    Meditation w/Maura Jane

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